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About Dezus Crypto

International trading exchanges provide tremendous opportunities for experienced traders. As many years of experience show, none of the commodity exchanges demonstrates such a high dynamics of growth and profitability as financial exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading has very high volatility - up to tens of percent per day, which allows us to receive hundreds of percent of pure profit in a couple of months and payout profits to our investors.

In order to diversify and reduce the level of risks due to the volatility of cryptocurrency rates, Dezus Crypto also deals with the placement of assets on the stock exchange. Since the movement of stock prices, futures, bonds, and other classic instruments is more predictable, calculated using programs, charts, and analysis, they are more controllable than a crypt.

A group of specialists from Dezus Crypto constantly monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges, looking for signs of "winding up" the rate and "draining" coins. For the most profitable transaction, our specialists choose a special time based on the analysis of the dynamics of price changes, making a transaction in which your assets are not only preserved but also acquire added value.

Dezus Crypto

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    38 Paddenswick Road, London, United Kingdom, W6 0UB

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    Private limited Company

Three easy steps for a successful start


To start cooperating with our platform, you need to register on the site. It takes less than a minute. After that, you will automatically be taken to your personal account and you can immediately start working.


Balance top-up

Top up your balance with one of the proposed payment systems. Examine investment plans, choose the most suitable option, and open a deposit for the amount you need. From now on, money works for you!

The minimum deposit amount is only 15 USD.


Receiving a profit

After opening a deposit, the profit will automatically accumulate to the balance in the "Personal Account" every 24 hours.